Big Book of Idioms
Vol. 5 You Think You’re Drawing on Water

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Velké úvodní slovo česky.
Stejně velké, ale trochu jiné, anglicky.
Nesnesitelný půvab příkladových vět.
Základní struktura BBoID.
Jak se z BBoID učit? Jakože učit-učit.
Jak a proč BBoID vznikla.
Oh Goody, More Questions
Co s tím chudák učitel?
Gotta Give Credit Where Credit Is Due.

The Vocabulary: Work in Progress
All the Stuff That's Fit to Print
And here's how it works. (* Hat tip to Klárka O.)

I didn’t always like idioms. In fact, I used to think they were pretentious, and stood in the way of actually improving your English. Are you familiar with the saying to put lipstick on a pig? Well, that’s basically what I mean. “We solving some extreme important! We have risking quite many money! What about that we don’t throwing the caution to wind?”

Well, I was wrong. (Not about the risks above, they’re oh so real.) About the role that idioms play in every day English. Turns out idioms pull a lot of weight. You learn a nice idiom, next thing you know, you constantly find yourself in situations where it is the perfect thing to say.

(You’ll also find yourself wondering what the hell you used to say before you knew this particular idiom. And you pity the fool who isn’t aware of or won’t take the trouble to learn it.)

Idioms truly are a gift that keeps on giving. (Hey, an idiom! And a pretty cool one, too.)

Having said that, not all idioms are equal. There are some that will raise eyebrows, as in “Hey, did you learn that from a Jane Austen novel?” There are some that rrrrrealllllly stretch out. Some are long enough that they will see the other person go to the bathroom for number two AND return before you make it all the way through them.

But. There are also idioms that will make your spirits soar every time you casually drop them in the middle of a conversation. (That’s before you realize you got the article wrong and spiral into a meltdown.) There are idioms that will earn you tons of compliments. (That’s before you use the same one three times within the space of a minute and notice the slight eyeroll coming from across the table.)

In conclusion, idioms are a good thing. Go learn them and multiply.

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