What are these then?

These are what some people call stickers.

That I could tell. What are they for?

They are meant to help you improve your English by learning new stuff.

Also, duh. But what do I actually do with them?

You read them. Closely. Repeatedly. Brainsoakingly.

Is that an actual word?

It is now.

What do I focus on? Just the colored bits?

Absolutely not. There's a lot more to these than the colored bits.

Ok, let's take the one with the couple who has a baby as an example. (* Apparently, they're super excited about the baby. It took them a while to get pregnant, which is ironic, considering what's-his-name is a fertility doctor.) What else is worth my attention besides "apparently," "which" and "considering." Plus, what makes those three so great?

So according to everything they very much look forward to have this child. It was very long time before they were pregnant, what is ironic, because the man I don't know his name is a doctor for babies.

Oh. Right. Fair point.

Are we on the same page now?

Yes. Still, couldn't these examples be just a little bit shorter?

Shorter as in...

As in vocabulary. Like, a list of words. Those are way easier to learn.

I bet they are. I bet that's how you've been learning English. Which is why it sounds they way it does.

That's just mean.

And true.

Fair enough. Still... why so much fluff?

Now that is just plain insulting. There is no fluff, no fat, nothing of little value.

You sound pretty proud of these.

You bet your sweet ass I am.

Ok, we got that cleared up. So the colored bits are...

They're what's called linking words. These are tough to learn, but once you get a handle on them, they're super useful.

I can see that.

No you can't, but you will.

Are there more of these in the works? And will they all showcase linking words?

Yes there are and no they won't. There will be phrasal verbs, such as show off or check out. There will be idioms and reporting verbs and time whachamacalits like "so far". There will be grammar, too. Lots of stuff.

What level are these for?

These particular ones are for pretty much everyone but absolute beginners.

Where do I put these?

I dunno. On your fridge. On the dashboard of your car. On your boss' forehead.

You expect me to STAND at my fridge and READ these?

These aren't The Pickwick Papers. You can read them in one sitting, so to speak.

I guess. Why the frilly fonts, though?

I'm betting they'll make each of these stand out in its own way, making it easier for you to remember all the important stuff.

Well, I think you're gonna lose your shirt on that bet.

I very well might. I very well might.