So, wondering what birthday present to get your friends/family? Right, me neither. Still.

The Calendar

spektakulární nástěnný kalendář
14 obřích listů (100 x 35 cm)
cena 250 Kč
k vyzvednutí v UH
* Disclaimer: not really a calendar
ie. no day/week/month crap, just a ton of good old English
* And yes, there's a website with Czech translations and other add-ons.


*** ke každému kalendáři vzorky připravovaných projektů:


Awesome stickers to be plastered all over your refrigerators, car dashboards, notebooks, you name it. A great way to soak up those pesky little phrases like "speaking of which" or "then again." Also, a great way to drive your family and/or coworkers crazy.
↳ tl;dr očitahající nálepky

This Card Is Your Card

Psych-Out Mess-With-Your-Head playing cards to test your ability to translate quickly from Czech into English. Basically translation tests made fun. In a way. You're going to love them.
↳ tl;dr hrací karty s větami na překlad