So, what IS new?

This is supposed to be an introduction to what's been going on around here, but let's face it, no one ever reads this stuff and no one should ever have to. So I figured, what the hell, I might as well run off at the mouth here, maybe badmouthing people, confessing to my darkest fantasies (not the one with the two puppies and a hammer, though) and just generally venting. Which I guess is what I just did. What?! Different people vent in different ways. Oh yeah, like you never... oh, we're out of space.

Monkey See Monkey Read Monkey Learn Monkey Use

obří nástěnný kalendář (100 x 35 cm)
16 listů překypujících excelentní angličtinou
cena 200 Kč, k vyzvednutí v UH / Praze
k dostání od prosince 2016, pouze na předchozí objednávku

StickerBockers (Sane Sane
They're All Insane)

Pretty cool stickers to be plastered all over your refrigerators, car dashboards, computer monitors, you name it—a great way to soak up those pesky little phrases like "speaking of which" or "then again" or "so anyway." Also, a great way to drive your family and/or coworkers crazy. That alone makes them worthwhile, I think.

New Books

✛ Book of Stories Vol. 3: this one's ready to go out
✛ Book of Stories Vol. 4: so is this one, for that matter
✛ Book of Stories Vol. 5: and this one, too
(But none of them is. Out, that is. Which kind of sucks.)

This Card Is Your Card

Psych-Out Mess-With-Your-Head playing cards to test your ability to translate quickly from Czech into English. Basically just translation tests made fun. In a way. You're going to love them. Love them. (Is what you're going to do.) More soon.

Book of English Vol. 2

What is it with you and BoE, people?
Yes, there will be a new volume.
No, not anytime soon.
Yes, I'm working on it.
No, not hard enough.
Yes, it'll be worth the wait.

Apps & Ebooks

If I thought anyone gave a rat's ass about these, I might be bothered to expand a little. But no, nothing new to report here. Still looking for someone to create an Android app and having no luck and wondering if it's worth the hassle.