I was wondering

so, your mother and I aren’t moving after all
the houses turned out to be much too expensive
that’s way out of our price range, I’m afraid
now that I’ve decided to stay put, why don’t we … ?
would it be ok if we turned it into a rec room?
I’m trying desperately to come up with an idea
there must be a way to get her out of the house   ⇢ český překlad
I was wondering if you’d mind if I put it up here?
someone might have seen him, or heard of him
right now they have no way of letting us know
based on photos, that can’t be the correct size


she’s having her photo taken, you’ll have to wait
this is a bit of a long shot, but is there any chance … ?
hypothetically speaking, would you be willing to … ?
the holes where the toes go are different sizes
apparently, I have a mismatched pair of shoes
makes me wonder who ended up with the other shoe   ⇢ český překlad
someone out there has my shoe and I have theirs
don’t I at least get a call? or am I asking too much?
here’s a question: how do you go about making a … ?
I can’t help but wonder: how come it’s so painless?
sometimes I get tests done that don’t hurt at all
other times it feels like getting stuck with a hot needle

let me get this straight

let me get this straight, you actually went out and … ?   ⇢ já snad špatně slyším: tys ... ?
not only did you get to keep the bike, you also …   ⇢ nejen, že ti dovolili si to kolo nechat, navíc ...
and instead of keeping it to yourself, you …   ⇢ namísto toho, aby sis to nechala pro sebe
weren’t you relieved that you got away with it?   ⇢ neulevilo se ti tím, že ti to prošlo?
he reached out to as many people as he could   ⇢ nakontaktoval co nejvíc lidi mohl
are you really that much of a dumbass?   ⇢ fakt jsi takový pitomec?
at the very least you shouldn’t brag about it   
what’s my punishment for falling behind on work?   
once I get all caught up, I’ll let you know   
doesn’t make sense—what am I missing here?   
you came all the way over here just to yell at me?   
please tell me there’s an actual plan in the works   
no offense, but that’s pretty messed up, man   


just so there’s no misunderstanding, I’m against it, too   ⇢ jen aby bylo jasno, já jsem taky proti
once the shootout started, we should have backed off   ⇢ jak začala střelba, měli jsme se stáhnout
all I’m saying is, it gives a lot of leeway to the bad guys   ⇢ já jen tvrdím, že tím dáváme prostor ...
but you came down unnecessarily hard on them   ⇢ zaklekli jste na ně až zbytečně tvrdě
pretty much any other body part is better looking   
which is not to say that a dick is a sight for sore eyes   
basically we’re all lucky that pants are a thing   
just to be clear, none of them paid us anything   
I want to make one thing perfectly clear, though   
we had to pay for most of that stuff out of pocket   
someone suggested I sign up for welding classes   
on a whim, I enrolled in a Japanese language school   
I already have a couple of job interviews lined up   
don’t get me wrong, I’m still confused as hell   
it’s not like I have my future all sorted out   
but I can glue metal now, and that’s a start